Roseline ProStyle 87453 Single Sided Thinner 41T

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Roseline ProStyle 87453

Ergonomically designed thinner with 41 ‘V’ teeth, coupled against a bevel edge blade.

This modern design is produced in Ice Tempered Stainless, and is manufactured by skilled craftsmen using generations of knowledge right in the heart of The European Scissor making capital, Solingen. The Family Witte use traditional skills and family values to offer professionals Scissors that are renowned for quality, value and durability

This Thinner may be a little smaller – but it is still made for strength and durability. Perfect for commercial work, ideal for students. So salon friendly and perfect for the smaller hands. Light in weight and a nice modern shape that fits the hand beautifully.

Blade 2.5″ in length   Actual Scissor length just over 5.5″   Total length including tang 6.25″

Red plastic inserts and screw in tang (finger rest) included.

Love this new model from Roseline. It has lovely shape in the shank so your fingers know exactly where to sit! Robust and reliable - just as you would expect from a Roseline scissor.