Roseline ProStyle 87455

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Roseline ProStyle 87455

Manufactured by skilled craftsmen using generations of knowledge right in the heart of The European Scissor making capital, Solingen. The Family Witte use traditional skills and family values to offer professionals Scissors that are renowned for quality, value and durability.

Ice tempered stainless with satin finish. Ergonomically designed detailing Scissor with a bevel edge blade and micro serration for added durability and grip on the hair. Perfect for tough commercial work, ideal for students and busy people cutting hair!

Nice quality Barbering Scissor. Doodle friendly, Spaniel friendly and robust enough for thick coats.

Blade length 2″   Actual Scissor length 5.5″  Total length including tang a touch over 6″

A really interesting model from Roseline. I love the modern shape in the shank. Perfect for detailing work on thick hair.