Scissor & care information

Thank you for using The Scissor Boutique and choosing from our fabulous range of quality Scissors. We carefully select all our scissors for superb quality and great value.  We take great pride in sourcing and offering the very best available. Our “Specialised Scissor Selector Service” is designed for professionals to ensure that you get the most suitable Scissors for you and the work that you are doing to help you stay ahead in the profession.

Through sharing our experience and knowledge we can help you not only choose the best scissors for you. We can also help you take care of them better so they last you longer. We can also give advice and tips that can help you use the products more efficiently to achieve better results in a shorter time frame.

We are crazy about Scissors and we love our job. We have enthusiasm for our work and everything to do with Scissors, we feel together we can give you a better shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction resulting in a good long term relationship with a greater understanding of the products and services available to you.

Scissors will last you and keep sharper longer if they are cared for and used by one person only. Sharing scissors on a professional basis really is not going to help anyone achieve the desired results and will generally lead to disappointment all-round. We all use scissors “our own way”. No two people will apply the same pressure in the same place when cutting. This is why sharing will shorten the life span and the sharpness of the edge, this will result in shorter times between sharpening therefore the scissor will age well before it’s time.

Everyone is different and we realise each person is unique, so this is why we offer a vast selection of Scissors to you, as one scissor does not suit all! Our selection comes from some of the best manufacturers in the world, they are made from different materials; all of quality which can make scissors feel different in many ways. Lengths vary and weights which will affect balance and control. There are also many different edges which will make some scissors more suitable than others for different textures and thickness of hair and also different finishes. Styles and designs, colours, finishes and furnishings will add to the appeal of each and every Scissor. We are here to guide you through and help you choose the right Scissors for YOU.

We realise that you value the opinion of your friends and colleagues but when it comes to Scissors this may not help you to get the right Scissor for you as we are so different in so many ways. Too many variables come into play so if you want to get it right, professional assistance will make a big difference. Over many years we have studied Scissors the materials they are made from the edges on the scissors and the designs and other elements that makes a scissor what it is. We have also worked with people and studied the handling of Scissors the way you work and the textures you cut. We need to know about your hand, the training you have had, the work you are doing and your expectations as a user. All these things need to be taken into consideration to help you choose the scissors that will make a dramatic difference to your results.

Scissors are sold in cases or packages for protection and this protection is necessary for the rest of the Scissors life. One Scissor per compartment, make sure the tips and blades are protected from any damage. Keep them safe and keep them clean and keep them oiled they will appreciate the care that you give them. They are tools of your trade and they are an investment to be cherished. Realising the importance of this paragraph alone could save you money on sharpening and servicing and replacement scissors.

Manufactures do use various metals and various techniques to create products for you. Some of the metals are harder than others. Most edge will be put onto a Scissor by a Craftsman with great pride and skill. The edges on Scissors vary in style. The Scissors is only as good as the edge on it and the quality of the metal that it is made from. The Edge on the Scissor will only last if the operator uses for the right application and in the right manner. This is why professional help to choose a Scissor make the difference between just owning a Scissor that cuts and or owning something that gives you the WOW factor.

We have developed a colour coded copyrighted system to help you choose Scissors from our stock. This is known as the Specialist Scissor Selector System. On our website you will find more information about this which will help you choose scissors more successfully for your specialist use as an individual. This system is unique to The Scissor Boutique if you have any questions regarding the colours or the scissors please email us at as we are more than happy to help you. Remember you are an individual and you are unique and we appreciate, acknowledge and celebrate that important fact.

Sometimes working with tools on a daily basis can mean that you have problems with your hands or your wrists. We can help you to find greater comfort from choosing more suitable products for your needs. Certain designs and special features can make so much difference you as an operator and make life so much easier.  A consultation with us can often make a real difference to your work in a very short space of time. It does not mean you will have to spend a fortune it just means you look at things in a different light and a whole new path can open up for you.

Scissors have changed so much in the last 20 years and they are still changing – keeping up to date with what is on offer and making sure it right for you is a must. It is like not keeping up with your styling techniques and not doing the right styles to suit your clientele. It all makes a big difference, we all strive for perfection and it is obtainable with the right products and the right service.

Choosing the right tools for the right job in any industry is something that just has to be right otherwise you compromise your reputation as you cannot perform as a real professional. When you have go the right tools you will notice how easy it is to obtain good results and you will be more confident. All aspects have to be taken into consideration, it does not mean you need to spend lots more money you just need to get it right Here at The Scissor Boutique we will never insult by using the term ‘general purpose’ we know that your work means too much to you to be considered as general. We know that your work is creative and what you do is special and unique and that is your motivation.

You are very likely to require more than one Scissor for the work you do, you may even require a few. We feel it is best to choose each Scissor individually with the same care and thought. This should ensure your satisfaction with the each Scissor for each application so you can work as a real professional and achieve fabulous results. Sets are available but these sets are often just put together as a sales package and you will not always like the whole set. Understanding your tools is so important and we are here to make sure you do understand what each and every one is designed for. Browse this website for more information or talk to one of us as and when you need. Tell us what you really really want and what you expect from each Scissor – we will understand and we can help and YES we do have the right Scissor for the job and for YOU.

Some basics things you need to know to help you get the best from your Scissors. They don’t like being dropped, if you drop them it is best to get them checked out by a professional to see if you have any damage to the blades. A small amount of damage today could result in a larger amount of damage after using them for any period of time. Dropping may result in the need for a service and sharpening by a competent technician. Home sharpening and unprofessional sharpening and servicing can severely damage your Scissor and it could be beyond resurrection. Choosing the right Sharpening Service for you and your Scissors is important and so is the relationship you have with your Sharpener. Recommendations for Sharpeners is always a good way to find a competent Sharpener. You must have good sharpening and servicing for a good edge. Here at The Scissor Boutique we do offer a service that is very through please check our sharpening service page for prices and download as form or talk to us on 01553 611380

It is nice to lend things to a friend but if you do you may regret it as the Scissor may never feel the same once used by another. Keeping your Scissor safe in a case and putting them away will make them less likely to be damaged. Take care when putting them down as the tips do damage easily as they are quite delicate. Scissors  are made with precision and should be handled with respect at all time. Oil them and care for them they will appreciate it. Keep Scissors in the dry as humidity can damage the materials and the edge. Be really careful of what products come into contact with your Scissors as many products can damage Scissors. Unclean hair should be cut with the right Scissors are suitable so they are not damaged. Care is so important for your complete satisfaction.