TSB Damascus Blade 7.5″

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The Damascus Blade Scissor – Crafted in Japan. This is the ultimate piece of art in a finishing Scissor.

Refined edge for the perfect finish on fine to medium coats. This is a specialist Scissor that will appeal to someone who is competing in style!

Light enough to be maneuvered with ease, yet enough weight to feel the true quality of this beautiful Scissor. Well balanced in the hand and very comfortable for small to medium hands. Short offset shank with integral tang. Tamperproof pivot screw. Smooth easy and effortless action.

Blade length nearly 3.5″ Actual Scissor length 7″ Total length inclusive of tang nearly 7.75″

The Craftsmanship behind this Scissors is a true Ancient ART Form. 33 Layers of Damascus Steel – Legendary and coveted by the discerning in many walks of life. This beauty is in the pattern of the Steel which resembles flowing water. Each one will be unique and very special.

I love this scissor. So beautiful - a real work of art! Perfect for show and competition grooming, and those needing absolute perfection.