Geib Butter Cut Cheetah Starlite (Silver) 8.5″


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The Starlite Cheetah – Handmade from The House of Geib with that true “Butter Cut” feel.

Fine edge professional finishing Scissor. Customised to be less weight than the conventional Scissor with distinctive blade cut outs reducing weight and therefore strain.

Well balanced long blade. Silver tension adjustment Screw. Short off set set shank with integral finger rest. The blade is neither wide or narrow with a smooth action giving and amazing finish to fine to medium coats.

Perfect for wool types like Bichons and Poodles, ideal for competition and exhibition Grooming.

Blade Length approximately 4.25″   Approximate total length including integral finger rest 8.75″

Owing to this Scissor being hand made by Craftsmen each one may have distinctive markings, these markings do not detract form the quality or workings of this Scissor. They are what makes every Scissor truly individually and handmade.

This is a Specialty Scissor for finishing work in professional hands. Great value for money as top scissor for the price tag. Mike Says: This is an amazing Scissor that does require specialist care and servicing. Welcome in my workshop as my specialty.