Ehaso 17261 – Heavy Duty Double Sided Thinner 30T


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Ehaso Heavy Duty Double Sided Thinner 30T – 17261

Traditional in design but built for the purpose of hard work. This Thinner just loves thick bulky hair! Perfect for thick double coats. Ideal for Double coated breeds such as Newfoundlands. Great everyday salon tool.

30 Specially designed V Teeth coupled and doubled! Satin finished, carbon steel produced in Solingen and built to perform as a real work horse.

Blade length nearly 3″   Scissor Length 6.5″     Total length including removable tang just over 7″   Black Comfort inserts and screw in finger rest included.

This is a real tough guy of the Scissor World. Great for everyday heavy duty salon use. Ideal for Students that want to just get on with the job. A real favourite with exhibitors of thick double coated breeds that need a real tool for the job!

Designed for Right Handed Use

If you need a heavy duty double sided thinner then this is a great model from Ehaso - a real work horse!