Yento Fanatic Series Chunker 18T (22YEN069)


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Yento Fanatic Chunker 18T

Beautifully balanced Chunker with 18 fishtail style teeth, coupled with a fine convex edge. Short, slightly offset shank finished with an integral tang. Tamper proof pivot screw. Smooth satin finish

Blade length 3.25″ Actual Scissor Length just over 7″ Total length including tang just over 7.5″

Nice sized Chunker, ideal for putting a velveteen finish on coats that are difficult to Scissor. A must with Oodles that easily mark with straights. Takes the ‘Just cut’ look off a wool coat, softening the look. Ideal for finishing heads to give a cute appealing look of a soft toy. Ideal for immature puppy coats, scissored teddy styles and much more.

Chunkers are all about finish and correct use of a Chunker on a beautifully prepared coat will put the polish on your groom.

A lovable Chunker and a pretty perfect length. Ideal for making a your groom look more velveteen