WiZard by TSB – Curved Chunker 24T


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WiZard by TSB – Curved Chunker 24T

Specialist  curved blade finishing ‘Fishtail’ Chunker with 24 beautifully designed teeth, coupled with a fine edge. Flip feature, screw in double tangs. Furnished with violet adjustable pivot screw and matching comfort inserts.

Blade cutting length 3.5” including the curve     Actual Scissor length 7”    Total length including tang 7.5”

Top quality VG-10 Scissor

Beautifully balanced, special effects finishing Scissor for blending in imperfections with a curve making this most desirable . Ideal for softening the curved line. When this is used correctly the finish is less sharp and more natural looking. Lovely for heads and peachy bottoms!

For trained professional with good balance and correct and more advanced scissor skills – Right handed use only



I love the curve on this Chunker. It is a good length and very stable. A curved blade with Fishtail style teeth are highly saught after by so many and I am sure this one will not disappoint. Anything you can plush Scissor can be enhanced to look more natural by the clever use of a Chunker. Use this to style a jaw dropping head or a heard turning  peachy bottom. Perfect for Asian Styling. Bring out the best of your skills with WiZard by TSB – it’s a game changer!