Sensei NXT40 – 40T Blending Shear W/Rotating Thumb W/RR


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Sensei NXT 40 Tooth Blender with Rotating Thumb with removable rest

Refined Blender for a good finish. Fine convex edge coupled with 40 fine curved specially designed V teeth, to help you achieve a natural and seem less cut. ‘Precision Power’ for the precision cutting of hair.

Perfect for Barbering & Hairdressing. A great Competition or Show Grooming Scissor

Rotating thumb bow (the slight rotation movement can help to relieve hand from repetition) on an Offset Crane handle (short shank for minimal hand movement and maximum potential for use of the blade) shaped to rest in the hand for added comfort.

Tamperproof pivot assembly with ball bearing tension system helps to stabilize blades to improve the life of the convex edge and the specially designed teeth. Ceramic rides assist easy glide action. Supplied with anatomic finger & thumb inserts for added comfort – inserts that are removable for larger digits.

Top quality Cobalt /Molybdenum VG10 Alloy Blades Smooth effortless operation. Great feel of quality. Superb balance in the hand can be flipped to change hand position for added comfort and can help relieve hand from repetitive action

Blade length 2.75″ Actual Scissor length just over 6.5″ Full length including integral tang 7” Presented leatherette envelope style case – Boxed protection while in transit

Discerning Dog Groomers will love this model for blending in lines and perfecting the groom, giving a natural finish and great detail to a groom. Preparation of coat must be perfect and this tool will remove coat if not overloaded or pushed by side pressure. Designed for light following movement to create style to the groom. Perfect for fine to medium density following coats that require a seamless look. Perfect for designer breeds with coat types that are difficult to get a good finish on

Sensei in Japan means Master so own a ‘Masterpiece’ from Sensei USA. Sensei Scissors are renowned for top quality convex shears. This Shear is a great shear for Barbering & Hairdressing

For Right handed use only & skilled operations to achieve desired results

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