TSB Krystal 7.5″ Curve


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TSB Krystal Curve 7.5″

Attractive professional dog grooming Scissor with a feature Diamante sprung adjustable pivot screw. Black coloured plastic comfort inserts furnishing the oval shaped bow.

Resilient semi convex fine edge with micro serration to grip hair as you cut. You can feel the quality of this great value Scissor. Enough weight to ensure this Scissor is a useful salon Scissor. Fine enough to give you and excellent finish on beautifully prepared fine to medium coats. Smooth easy action and well balanced in the hand.

Blade length 3.25″     Scissor length 7″   Total length including the integral tang 7.5″

The curve on this blade is a definite curve without being too extreme – Great for fashionable tight curves on pet heads, Poodles, Doodles etc.

Great value, easy to use Scissor for general salon work, to be used after good salon preparation. Easy to handle, but some experience with 'curves' preferable as this is such a definite curve shape. Smooth action with a good clean cut. Ideal for fluffies that visit the salon regularly. A good first Scissor for exhibitors with good preparation on fluffy coat types. This is a good professional improvers Scissor for dog Groomers working the way to a better finish.