Geib Butter Cut Katana Cobalt Ball Bearing 7.5″ Curve

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Geib Butter Cut Katana Cobalt Ball Bearing 7.5″ CURVE

KATANA the Grooming Scissor that others aspire to be! The King of Butter Cut from the House of Geib.

Beautifully balanced in the hand, light in weight with a feel of extreme quality. Smooth easy action with a silk feel. Premium quality fine edge convex finishing Scissor. Designed in cobalt to be light in weight for optimum comfort used by Professionals on a daily basis.

Short coupled shank with a distinctive gilt finish and a curvaceous finger rest that fits in the hand perfectly. Good length of blade, which is nicely curved, with exquisite convex edge makes this a perfect finishing tool for the experienced – A truly awesome model when used by the gifted.

Blade Length: 3.5″     Actual Scissor Length: 7″    Total Length Including Finger Rest: 7.5″


I love selling this Smooth curvaceous Scissor to Professionals that are ready to invest in something special that can make a dramatic difference, ideal for competition work or for those that specialize in Poodles and Bichons. Mike Says: This is a fabulous Scissor that needs specialist care and serving which we do offer here in our workshop.