Yento Sparkle Series – 6″ Flip Curve (22YEN059)


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Yento Sparkle Series – 6″ Flip Curve

Delightful looking fine finishing Scissors with a fine convex edge. Light weight and designed to ‘flip’ in your hand. This Scissor is an Asian Stylists favorite, perfect for Do-Nut Muzzles and small tight curves.

Colourful light weight bow and shank, furnished with two screw in tangs making this a very comfortable Scissor to balance and hold.

Blade length 2.75″ – Actual Scissor length 6″ Length including detachable tangs 6.5″

Special purpose Scissor designed for right handed stylists –  for specialist effect grooming. To be used by skilled professional with good Scissor action and perfect coat preparation. This Scissor is made in parts, this is to ensure lightness in weight and operation. An effective stylish finishing Scissor for refined work.

This type of Scissor is favored by Asian Stylists looking for that perfect plush look. It requires great skill and specialist tools with amazing preparation to pull off these amazing looks that are so fashionable in Asia and beyond.