TSB Flair – 6.5″ Flip Curve


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TSB – Flair NEW!

Amazing small curved scissor, with a fine convex edge for precision finishing work. Brilliant on heads and Asian Fusion styling. Flip-able in the hand as it has two tangs, so you have the curve the traditional way – then simply flip it over in your hand so you have the reverse curve!

Blade length 2.75″ – Actual scissor length 6.75″ – Total length including detachable tangs 7.5″

High polished finish. Fab on Asian styling grooms.

I really love this one - small and light and simply fabulous on heads. The convex edge means the cut is fine and precise. Tips: Make sure to use this beauty on really well prepared fine to medium coats. It does not like thickness and density - this one is ALL about the finish. Definitely avoid feet too, because it will not like it if you accidentally ding a nail, hit the table or use on split hair.