Show Tech Extra Curved Flip Scissor 20cm

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Show Tech Super Curved – Ice Tempered Stainless – Traditional Dog Grooming Scissor

This is a super Curved Scissor made in the European Scissor capital, Solingen Germany, which is renowned for making some of the most durable hard working Scissors in the World.

Just over 3.75″ of Curvaceous blade has micro serration on one blade for added durability, which allows the Scissors to be used by lesser experienced and more heavy handed users with ease. This is traditional text book shape with double screw in tangs so it flips easily and comfortable to use in the reverse curve position. Satin finish with black plastic thumb and finger inserts,

This has a good curve for big billowy heads, peachy bottoms, sweeping tails etc

Professional salon scissor with a positive feel, which is able to cut through thicker coats with ease.

Actual Scissor length nearly 8″ – Full length 8.5″ including the screw in finger tangs

Hard working salon Scissor with a really good curve to the blade. This is a good first extreme curve and can be used by less experienced Scissor users that may be heavy handed. Very sensible Scissor at a nice price for everyday hard work.

This is a fab curve - with durability!