Ehaso Revolution Flip 9″ Curve (1060)

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Ehaso Revolution 9″ Curve (1060)  From The House of Ehaso – Renowned for quality and traditional German standards offering Scissors of distinction.

High polished mirror finished finishing Scissor with a short parallel shank. Furnished with double detachable tangs to give this scissor flip-ablity.

Lush long curved Blade with a medium width and good weight making this very stable for such a long length. Fine edge for giving a great finish. Smooth, easy, silent action.

Tamperproof pivot point that has been pre-set to the correct tolerance to ensure good results and longevity of the blade.

Blade Length 4.5″   Scissor Length: 8.5″   (9″ including screw in finger rests)

Make sure you are able to use all of the blade – most of the time to get the best out of this beauty. Fabulous for putting in the angulation on large scissored breeds – such as standard poodles, large doodles etc.

This scissor has an lovely long blade - perfect for putting the final finish on large scissored breeds. This scissor has a fine edge which is great for well prepared coats however this has enough durability to do more if required.