Ehaso Revolution Flip Chunky Texturizer 32T LEFTY (1079)

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Ehaso Revolution Chunky Texturizer 32T LEFTY (1079)

32 Chunky shark style teeth coupled with a fine edge blade. This configuration will give texture to the coat.

The “Chunky Texturizer” is designed to be flippable with 2 tangs. The tangs are quite unique with a bone design, these are very comfortable and an integral part of the Scissor.

Love the versatility of this as it does not exclude anyone who is either used to European or Asian Blade configuration. The shank is a medium length so it is suitable for most hands. The bows are the larger European style so if you have small hands you may wish to order a rubber (just let us know) Tamper proof pivot screw.

Please look at all the photos of this model for a close up visual detail. 

Blade Length 3.5″   Total Length (Including Finger Rests) 8.25″

Made from Japanese Steel with a high polished finish. Tamperproof tension adjustment screw

Superb quality finishing tool for coats that are well prepared – Perfect for creating a more natural, textured effect on certain coat types.

Designed for left handed use only  – If you are a Lefty and never have successfully used Left Handed Scissor please talk to us first – call 01553 611380 

Love this Chunky Texturizer. Its a good honest stable product that is a fusion of Asian and German technology offering the very best from both worlds. Love the natural textured finish that this can achieve on the right coats.