Ehaso Revolution Flip Blender 33T LEFTY (1084)

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Ehaso Revolution Flip Blender LEFTY (1084)

33 deep, shark style, curved teeth coupled with a fine edged blade.

This model is ‘flippable’ for added versatility. The fact that this blender can be used the European way and the Asian way round makes this a great one to learn some new tricks! Good balance and light in weight. Smooth easy action.

Blade Length 2.75″   Actual Scissor Length 6.5″    The measurement including the 2 removable tangs is just over 7″

Made from Japanese Steel with a high polished finish. Tamperproof tension adjustment screw

Superb quality finishing tool for fine to medium coats that have been well prepared

Designed for left handed use only  – If you are a Lefty and never have successfully used Left Handed Scissor please talk to us first – call 01553 611380 

Love this versatile blending scissor as it is a little bit of a hybrid! Its a good honest stable product that is a fusion of Asian and German technology, offering the very best from both worlds. Very interesting product that is more giving than so many blenders on the market today