Ehaso Revolution 7″ Offset CURVE LEFTY

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Ehaso Revolution Curve Scissor in a LEFTY

Curved convex blade, ideal for stylish finishing on fine to medium well-prepared coats. Short shank offset shank with unique and very comfortable double skeletal tang. Fashioned in a polished finish on Japanese Steel. Distinctive rainbow quartz effect adjustable pivot screw.

Blade length is 3.25″    Total Scissor length from tip to tang is 7.75″   Scissor length without tangs is just over 7″

This is a finishing Scissor for the final crisp finish on fine to medium density coats that have been beautifully prepared. Beautifully balanced in the hand, easy and comfortable to flip. Good weight with a nice quality feel. Smooth easy action in experienced hands. We highly recommend this great value scissor!

This Scissor is suitable for left-handed use only.

Put the curve and style in Poodles, Bichons and other wool type coats with this beauty!