Roseline 82100 10″ Straight Scissor

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Roseline 82100 – Extremely long traditional German Scissor manufactured in Solingen – the Scissor capital of Europe. Made from Ice tempered Carbon Steel with a satin stainless finish.

The edge on this Scissor grips the hair as it has one edge that is micro serrated and the other edge is bevel.

Blade length 5.75″    Actual Scissor length 10″   (10.5″ including screw in tang)

This Scissor is often used on Gun dogs for cutting skirts and tail flags. Schnauzer enthusiasts are drawn to this Scissor for a unique technique used by exhibitors of this breed to create tube shaped legs.

This is one long scissor! You need good handling skills to wield a scissor of this length. Great for tube legs and sweeping tails.