Geib Butter Cut Yoshi 9.0″ (Offset Shank)

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Geib Butter Cut Yoshi 9.0″ – With an Offset Shank.

Fine finishing scissor with a polished bevel edge. Fashioned from the finest Japanese Cobalt.

This Scissor is designed to give you a fabulous finish on fine to medium coats that have been beautifully prepared.

Very short slightly off set shank with generous sized bows. Long fine blade that is effortlessly light in weight, perfect for light weight coats that mark easily. Smooth easy operation and efficient to use.

Blade length just short of 5″    Actual Scissor Length 8.5″   Total Length including integral finger rest 9″

Ideal use for this amazing Scissor is on fine to medium coats such as Bedlington Terriers, Finer coated Poodles especially some of the Whites, Creams, Apricots and Silvers. Fabulous on Bichon Frise, Poochon, Maltepoo and other fine to medium coated designer breeds. Will work well on fine puppy coats! Perfect for Maltese Terriers and soft silky coats that also are difficult to finish without marking.

This Scissor is for the final finish, after the shape has been blocked out and the bulk has been removed with the appropriate Scissor for Blocking. Excellent preparation is a must for a good finish. Perfect for competition and show work for discerning groomer who likes a light weight Scissor.

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