Geib Butter Cut Super Phil Hand Crafted 10″ Adjustable

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Geib Butter Cut Super Phil – Hand Made Shear of A Lifetime

This Shear is a real shear in every sense of the word. Handmade with each Shear having its own unique marks embedded into it by the Craftsman that has forged Super Phil. The Traditional Skills that have been passed down the generations and the super tough material makes this Scissor VERY SPECIAL.

Its heavy in weight and for heavy duty WORK. This Scissor is not for the faint hearted. A real mans tool for THE JOB. Super Phil is for BULK, Super Phil will keep on going and going when nothing else will do!

This Scissor needs to be understood owing to the HAND MADE hand craft look, the toughness of the Steel and the weight and design that delivers the power to cut through the thickest of coats.

Super Phil is 10″ including the Tang – Blade length 4.5″ with an Adjustable Pivot Screw


Ideal for the larger more macho hand!