Geib Butter Cut Katana Cobalt Ball Bearing 10″

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Geib World presents to you the King of all Scissors, The KATANA – The grooming Scissor that others aspire to be!

The King of Butter Cut is beautifully balanced in the hand, with a feel of extreme quality. Smooth easy action with a silky feel – this is assisted by the unique ball bearing pivot point. Quality finishing Scissor with a little more versatility than most. Designed in cobalt to be light in weight for optimum comfort. Short coupled shank with a distinctive gilt finish and a curvaceous finger rest that fits compactly in the hand perfectly.

Luscious long blade with exquisite convex edge with the most micro-micro serration on the very edge making this scissor very special indeed – giving it the ability to finish but also have more durability than many others on the market trying to rival this awesome model.

Blade length just over  5″    Actual scissor length 9″   Total Length just under 10″ (including the finger rest)

Each individual Scissor is Hand Crafted with passion. Owing to this process these Scissors may have marks that make them unique  – just like the markings on raw silk. 


I love selling this Scissor to Professionals that are ready to invest in something special that can make a dramatic difference to them as a Groomer. This has great length in the blade, which isn't for everybody. I particularly love to sell this model to show or competition groomers. If you need advice before you purchase please call me or send me a message and I will be happy to advise. Mike Says: This is a fabulous Scissor that needs specialist care and servicing which we do offer here in our workshop.