Yento Ergo Line Series Wide Blade 8″ (22YEN056)


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Yento Ergo line Series Wide Blade 8″

This is a superb quality finishing Scissor with a nice satin finish, and a super smooth action. This Scissor has weight but not too much, it gives you the feel of quality that you would expect from a Scissor of this caliber.

Very short coupled shank with bows that come with removable inserts for the larger hand – giving this more versatility to please more groomers.

Integral tang. Long blade with a little width and a good weight for fine finishing on coats with body and density. Tamper proof tension adjustment screw that compliments self colored satin finish swedge style blade.

Blade length nearly 4″ Actual Scissor length nearly 7.5″ Scissor length including tang 8″

Perfect for Poodles, Bichon Frise, and ideal for wool coats and wool crosses that have been beautifully prepared. Nice for quality Gun dog coats that have had competition preparation. Designed for right handed operator with good skill level – needs respect and care in use for total satisfaction and long life span .

Loveable Scissor with good balance. The weight falls into your hand and just says 'Scissor with me'. Many of my clients are looking for a finisher for a thick dense coat that has been beautifully prepared, and they are looking for show / competition finish.