Geib Butter Cut Slim 78J (The Finisher)

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Slim 78J “The Finisher” by Geib Butter Cut. A Delightful Finishing Scissor in the Slim Collection.

Fine convex edge with micro serration that gives this Scissor great versatility for a finisher. Short shank, with a comfortable integral finger rest. Gilt adjustable pivot screw.

Blade length nearly 3.5″    Actual scissor length 7″ Total length including tang 7.5″

Beautifully balanced, quality feel, smooth silent action in experienced hands. Perfect for well prepared coats, medium to fine density for the final finish. Ideal for show and competition work, versatile enough for disciplined salon use. The Slim 78J Finisher is perfect for a busy professional with good preparation work and good Scissors skills. Ideal for a busy stylist on a mission that is looking for exceptional finish.

The short, comfortable shank, along with this length of blade, helps to give a stylist confidence with shorter leg dogs, such as Lhaso Apsos, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Small Poodles and Bichon Frise.

This is truly one of my favorite Scissors for smaller dogs or dogs with not much length of leg. ideal for a stylist on a mission that loves a really good finish. One for competition and show work as well. So wonderful you may buy more than one!