Geib Butter Cut Katana Cobalt Ball-Bearing 8.5″ SLIM BLADE

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Geib World presents to you the King of all Scissors – The KATANA! The grooming Scissor that others aspire to be!

The King of Butter Cut is beautifully balanced in the hand, light in weight with a feel of extreme quality. Smooth easy action with a feel of silk as this is assisted by the unique ball bearing pivot point. Quality finishing Scissor with a little more versatility than most. Designed in cobalt to be light in weight for optimum comfort used by Professionals on a daily basis. Short coupled shank with a distinctive gilt finish and a curvaceous finger rest that fits compactly in the hand perfectly.

Luscious long blade with an exquisite convex edge with the most micro-micro serration on the very edge making this scissor very special indeed – giving it the ability to finish but also have more durability than many others on the market trying to rival this awesome model.

This version has a slimmer width blade than its counterpart – making it a little lighter in weight.

Blade Length 4″    Total Scissor Length Including Integral Finger Rest 8.5″


I love selling this Scissor to Professionals that are ready to invest in something special that can make a dramatic differance to them as a Groomer. This slim version is great for those who like to work with something a little lighter. Mike Says: This is a fabulous Scissor that needs specialist care and servicing which we do offer here in our workshop.