Geib Butter Cut Entree Blue Titan 7″


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Geib World presents to you Entree Blue Titan.

Ball bearing tamperproof pivot screw, double removeable tangs. Shapely shank so your fingers fit perfectly.

Modern design that is functional and stylish. Light in weight, smooth easy action making this a pleasure to use.

The Titan finish is distinctive but may have colour shot variations and markings that make each and every one unique, this should be seen as an attribute.

The Edge is fine enough for good finishing but sports a micro serration on the very edge for greater versatility. Good for those still honing finishing techniques and skills or for coats that may be a little more difficult or a bit thicker.

Blade length 2.75″   Actual Scissor length just shy of 6.5″   Total length of scissor (including screw in finger rests) approximately 7″


Smooth and easy to use, great looking and available in many sizes in straight and curve. We also do Leftys in these as well! Just because this is a Flip Scissor do not be confused - This model is for right handed use only. Mike Says: Specialist sharpening and service required as this model has a fine edge with very fine micro serration which is why it feels and performs the way it does.