Geib Butter Cut Cheetah Convex 8.5″


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Geib Butter Cut Cheetah Convex 8.5″

Delightful medium width, long bladed convex finishing scissor with shortish shank and medium bows.

Dark tension adjustment screw with tension spring and integral finger rest. Good balance, and a smooth, silent easy action in experienced hands.

Perfect for scissoring soft to medium coated breeds.

Blade length 4″    Actual Scissor 7.75″   Total Scissor length including tang approximately 8.5″

Lovely finishing scissor for beautifully prepared coats, to help achieve a plush perfect hand scissored look.

Perfect for Bichon Frise, Poochons, Poodles, Bedlingtons, Lhaso Apsos & Shih Tzu and other coats like these.

Amazing finisher!