Geib Butter Cut Blue Breeze 8″ (The Original)

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Geib Butter Cut Blue Breeze AKA ‘The Original Speed Cutter’ This is the ultimate professional dog groomers shear!

Designed for the busy groomer on a mission to earn a living! No messing around, this Scissor has the versatility and performance levels all want Scissors to have. After preparation work remove bulk and block out shape with speed and then produce a good finish to keep you clientele happy.

The Blue Breeze will go on and on giving you “Butter Cut” Satisfaction where others fail! Many Groomers compete with this unique hand made Scissor and it is often seen in the hands of some of the most successful exhibitors across the World of Dogs. Many say its the best investment they have ever made! Fabulous short compact shank for easy operation. Long bevel edge blade with micro serration for added grip and versatility. Cuts through thick coats just like Butter. Distinctive Blue Tension adjustment screw. Gilt dipped handles that give this Scissor a luxury look.

Blade length 4″   Actual Scissor length 7.5″  Total length inclusive of integral tang 8″

Important Notice: This model is handmade and it has a look that denotes an individually hand crafted tool by traditional craftsman. The look of “raw silk” as it is marked and each one will have identifying marks that may not be pleasing to the eye. However this does not impair the working ability of this fabulous Scissor.


True professionals dog groomers Scissor. There is nothing quite like a Blue Breeze however others may want you to believe - this is the original speed cutter by Geib USA. Many groomers report that it speeds up Scissoring time and improves finish. Ultimate "Scissors Satisfaction" with probably the most versatile and reliable Scissor on the market today.