Geib Butter Cut Avanti Cobalt 8.5″


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Luxury finishing Scissor from the house of Geib, Fashioned in a quality Japanese Cobalt Alloy. Butter Cut by name and Butter Cut by nature!

The Avanti is designed for comfort in a smaller hand. This is a well balanced scissor with action as smooth as silk. Distinctive adjustable red pivot screw and silencer, polished finish, integral little finger rest on a short, offset shank that has been ergonomically designed. Easy, smooth action for precise finishing work, ideal for the professional looking for a superb finishing Scissor. Exquisite convex edge with the added bonus of the finest most micro serration for the very special purpose of a fine precise finish, making this an ideal for the experienced perfectionist who competes to win.

This Scissor is handcrafted and therefore may have some distinctive marks making each one a truly individual in some small way. Some may see these small details as imperfections while others take them as reassurance of a true crafts mans work. Any of these small details will not in any way have any effect on the quality of edge or the performance of this fabulous scissor.

Blade length around 4″   Total length including integral finger rest 8.5″  (Approximately 8″ without)

This is a magnificent Scissor in the hands of the talented. Worth every penny for those who Groom to perfection. Not for the faint hearted. Pure bred finishing Scissor with refined edge making a real statement. Smooth as silk and well balanced, a real precision Scissor and one of my personal favorites. Mike Says: Specialist Scissor that requires special understanding in the sharpening room.