Geib Butter Cut All American 88 Rockwell 62

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Geib Butter Cut All American 88 Rockwell 62 Traditional wide blade scissor – but no ordinary scissor! Feel how light and easy this scissor is, and from the moment you pick it up you will feel quality.

Designed for the professional, so effortless you can scissor all day without realising, special enough for competition finish and durable enough for the salon use.

Well balanced, so light, and such easy action. Durable material hand made with the “Buttercut” feel. Trusty performer with great versatility, ideal for experienced generous sized hands that want to finish with ease.

Blade Length 4″ – Total Length (Including integral finger rest) 8.5″

Lightweight yet durable - with that amazing 'Butter Cut' feel! Great for a larger hand.