Witte EX-1 600 – Detailing Scissor


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Witte EX-1 600 Made in Solingen Germany. K-R Witte Signature brand. The EX-1 is a revolutionary new development with a new cut-geometry!

The stroke of genius is the eccentric position of the screw, which makes it possible to extend one cutting edge by about 7%. In relation, the longer cutting edge develops a higher speed and creates a “pulling cut”, which gently moves the hair between the cutting edges.

High polished Cobalt Scissor with Bevel Edge. Ergonomically designed for comfort and balance. Distinctive Crane Style Blade. Smooth silent action with super pointed tip – absolutely perfect for precision detailing work. Removable black plastic finger inserts included.

Blade length 2.5″   Actual Scissor length 6″   Total length including screw in tang 6.5″  Removable black plastic finger inserts.


Love this Scissor for detailing. Its so smooth and has a great edge. So comfortable in the hand. Distinctive Crane Blade is very stylish and incorporating K. R Witte signature - Third generation Scissor manufacture. Fabulous quality from Solingen Germany. Hairdressers and Barbers love this one too!