Geib Butter Cut Slim 65J Adjustable

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Adjustable, Extra Light and very compact finishing scissor ideal for the smaller more delicate hand. This well balanced Scissor that has the feather light feel which gives the desired Butter Cut finish in experienced hands.

Comfortable to use, smooth action, fixed integral finger rest and feature gilt tension adjustment screw. The blade has a super sharp bevel edge for getting a superb finish on fine hair and coarser coats too.

Hand crafted from the very best materials by real craftsmen. Markings may appear on this model that are to be considered as unique to each and every model and are due to the process of creating this delightful Scissor. 

Blade length 3″  Actual Scissor Length  6.5″  Approximate total measurement just over 7″ including the integral tang.

A very nice light weight Scissor. A favourite with many specialist professionals for light finishing work. Mike Says: Specialist service and sharpening required. I love servicing Butter Cut Scissors.