Geib Butter Cut Show Finish 8″ Curve

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Geib Butter Cut Show Finish Featuring NEW technology The K Blade Fine finishing curved blade scissor with high polished convex edge on a long, medium width blade. Coupled with a stepped fine bladed convex. This design ensure maximum use of the length of the blade and reduces stress on the operator. Tamperproof tension adjustment pivot screw. Short off set, ergonomically shaped shank with integral tang. Scissor length including tang 8.75” Actual scissor length just over 8” Curved blade length just over 4” Material – Japanese Cobalt Beautifully balanced scissor with a smooth easy action. Fabulous smooth curve that takes the whole blade. Light weight Right handed model for right handed use only Mandy Says: This finisher has the versatility to do a little more with the greatest of ease, as all of the blade can be used with maximum benefits and minimal effort. Perfect for Poodles, Bichons, Bedlington Terriers and these types of coat. This is a gorgeous curve to work with as its gentle but still very curvy. Good preparation a must. Careful respectful handling required. Mike Says: This is a Scissor that may be misunderstood by many sharpeners owing to the new design so choose as sharpener that keeps up to date with NEW and interesting products

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