Geib Butter Cut Gator 30T Double Sided

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Geib Butter Cut Gator – Double Sided Flip Blender 30T

Perfect for giving texture and movement to the style. Flip and you will find the finish will be a little different so this gives versatility to a textured groom.

30T Deep set, straight fine teeth coupled with 30 very short bevel edge teeth.

Blade length 2.5″   Actual length 6″ Total including double screw in tangs just over 6.5″

Ideal for putting texture into a Terrier that is a little soft, or maybe a coat that does not hand strip so easily. This will give movement to heads and furnishings, creating a natural effect so the coat does not looks so perfect or plush.

Something unusual for a stylist putting texture into the groom. Perfect for well prepared Terriers and double coats. This Scissor does need good Scissor skill and handling, designed for someone with experience. Think of this one for the effects on the groom rather than de-bulking or coat clearing. Stylists delight.