Geib Butter Cut Gold Pearl Curved Chunker 35T

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Geib Buttercut GOLD Pearl Chunker 35T. The Latest edition to Geib Buttercut Shears in the ever popular ‘Pearl’ range.

This attractive Rose Gold curved blade hybrid Chunker gives a natural finish with texture and movement. This design is so eye catching to look at! Furnished with adjustable black and yellow gold feature screw and clear slim comfort inserts and screw in tangs.

Fine edged, semi convex blade coupled with bevel edge straight tooth of medium width. This is perfect for texturizing wool mix coats or for sculpturing and finishing difficult wool coats. Great for Terriers that are not suitable for hand stripping as the coat becuase the coat is softer or the skin is more fragile. Good length of blade with a nice curve, perfect for stylish curves that require a softer and more natural line.

Like the others in the Gold Pearl range this Scissor is excellent quality and has a fine edge and requires experience and skilled use and handling for real satisfaction. Smooth action in experienced hands. Good for fine finishing on fine to medium coats that have been exceptionally well prepared. Ideal for Poodle Cross / Wool Mix – Doodles, Poodles, Bichon Frise, Trimmed West Highland White Terriers, Softer coated Wheaten Terriers etc.

Blade length 3.75″    Actual scissor length 7.5″ Total scissor length including double screw in tangs 7.75″

This model is flippable for added usability. 35 medium sized straight bevel edged, teeth with slight Fishtail appearance, coupled with a fine edge. This Scissor is all about finish!

Great quality and highly attractive, eye catching fine finishing Scissor with great attention to detail . This Curve with teeth is excellent for Asian work in Competitions or showing off good angulation on Show grooms and it is capable of an excellent fine finishing in skilled hands. Scissor great for fine to medium density wool and drop coats that have been prepared to a high standard. This is also good for Terriers with a softer coat that requires trimming and styling rather than handstripping. Please note: Curved Texturizering Chunkers are not designed to remove bulk or thickness from the coat. Overloading the blade could result in locking and loss of sharpness. These are designed for finishing only. This is a right handed Scissor and not recomended for use in the left hand as it could damage the edge or teeth.