Ehaso Revolution Flip Chunker 14T (1110)

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Ehaso Revolution Chunker 14T (1110)

Fashioned in quality Japanese steel, this chunker has 14 ‘Shark Style’ teeth coupled with a bevel edged blade, which gives a little more durability than some other Chunkers on the market.

This chunker is ‘flippable’ as it has double tangs – so you choose whether you want to use it with the blade or teeth on top – depending on the effects you wish to create! Tamper proof pivot point, durable stopper, finger and thumb inserts included (colour may vary from that shown on photographs)

Blade length 2.5″ – Actual length 6″    Total length just over 6.5″ including the screw in finger rests (tangs)

Standard size bows suitable for most hands – smaller hands may require an insert (Just ask at point of sale!)

Superb quality specialist tool for effects for fine to medium coats that have been well prepared. Especially perfect for heads.

Suitable for right handed use 


I really love this Chunker. Its a good honest stable product that is a fusion of Asian and German technology offering the very best from both worlds. Very interesting product that will give a little twist on the effects that you can achieve.