Yento High-Tech Series Cobra Curved Blender 48T (22YEN086)

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Yento High-Tech Series Cobra Curved Blender 48T (PIANO TOOTH BLENDER)

48 Piano Style teeth closely set, coupled with a fine edge on a curved blade. Self coloured tamper proof pivot screw – White inserts as standard.

Shapely offset short shank with attractive Cobra snake detail right down to the tang – that has the snakes head with ruby red coloured eyes.

Blade length just over 3.5″    Scissor length just over 7″    Total length including screw in tangs nearly 8″

Well balanced and very stylish finishing Blender. Ideal for perfecting heads and softening lines, giving the ‘plush toy’ effect on perfectly prepared coats.

This is a special purpose Scissor for high end grooms competition and show work for a trained professional with good scissors skills

A beautiful curved blender, perfect for those looking for an amazing show finish.