Yento Ergo Line Blender 48T (22YEN0 24)

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Yento Ergo Line 48T Blender (22YEN024)

Delightful Fine Tooth Finishing Blender with 48 Deep ‘V’ Style Teeth, Coupled With a Fine Convex Blade that has been Hollow ground. Perfect for fine finishing or detailed work on beautifully prepared fine to medium coats.

Yento Shears have been are meticulously crafted by hand using the finest Japanese Steel by Master Craftsmen. Ultra-smooth easy action in the hands of an experienced professional. Beautifully balanced in hand. Short slightly offset shank with integral finger rests. Furnished with comfortable, plastic finger inserts that can be removed to suit a larger hand. Screw-in cap coated bumper for added life. Self-colored tension adjustment screw for easy perfect tension adjustment

Blade length just over 3″ Actual Length around 6.5″ Total length including integral tang is just over 7″

Teeth on the top blade (Asian Style)

Hitachi 440C Japanese Steel – with a Rockwell hardness of 60 in a classic brushed finish. Designed by professional stylists for professional stylists.

Presented in a protective case

I love this Blender it is delightful. It suits a small to medium hand - just like mine. Yento is all about the finish and for a true professional who has enough experience to respectfully handle a great Scissor. Introduced at the right time in an evolving Professional Pet Stylists this beauty is a game-changer, too early it will be completely lost and unappreciated. Always happy to talk Scissors that will help your progress as a unique stylist call me on 01553 611380 ​