TSB Little Ernie Flip Blender 32T

£65.00 inc. VAT (£54.17 ex. VAT)

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Little Ernie – A Japanese style blender, with a smooth easy action and feel of real quality.

Absolutely perfect for doing detail work and softening heads – on well prepared coats.

32 fine straight V teeth, coupled on a fine convex blade of nearly 2.5″ in length. Total length of blender 6.5″ (including removable finger rests)

Comfortable shapely shank. Giant self coloured tension adjustment screw. Double tangs on this little blender gives it added versatility – so you can use it either way up, depending on your personal preference.

Gorgeous little blender at a really fabulous price! Presented in case.

This is a small and neat little blender at a really nice price, especially fantastic for heads!