TSB Krystal Blender 46T


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TSB Krystal Blender 46T”

Attractive professional dog grooming Scissor with a feature Diamante sprung adjustable pivot screw. Black coloured plastic comfort inserts furnishing the oval shaped bow. Single sided refined blender with 46 V style teeth, tapered from a stable spine. The teeth are on top as generally seen in Asian and American blenders, they are couple with a convex blade.

This Blender has a nice weight to it which ensures stability and it is nicely balanced. This Blender is fine enough to give you and excellent blend on fine to medium coats that have been beautifully prepared. Smooth easy action in the hands of a trained professional

Blade length 3″    Scissor length 7″   Total length including the integral tang 7.5″

Perfect for blending the lines on silky coats like show and competition Cockers. Nice for Blending furnishings on Min Schnauzers. Great for perfecting and styling fine to medium coats that require refinement and a plush finish

Great value, for professionals with reasonable skill levels and good salon preparation. Smooth action in the hands of the skilled. Ideal for fluffies that visit the salon. This is a good professional improvers Scissor for dog Groomers working the way to a better finish. This Blender is for right handed use. Left handed use or unskilled use can damage the teeth and convex edge on this precision tool