TSB Finesse Blender 46T


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TSB Finesse Blender 46T  – As the name suggests this blender is all about finish!

Fine convex blade coupled with 46 straight V style teeth. The blades are stable due to the width of spine and are designed in a swedge, this give stability to this fine finishing Scissor. Short offset, shapely shank with a curvaceous integral finger tang. Red and silver detailed adjustable pivot screw with tension adjustment spring ensures perfect adjustment set up.

This product has a good weight and quality feel, made of 440c Steel with offsets oval bows.

Blade length nearly 3.25″   Actual Scissor length just over 7″ Scissor Length including finger tang just over 7.5″

This is a blender for refined work and seamless blends, and adding finesse to the groom as its name suggests. Designed for an experienced user who understands how to balance a quality blender with a fine convex edge. A stylist with amazing preparation work that is working on refined finishing of fine to medium coats. Perfect for Asian styling, silky hair and finer wool types. A great competition or show blender for a fine Cocker Spaniel coat, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frise etc.

Please Note: This Scissor is designed to be used in the right hand by a trained professional with good Scissor handling. Should not be overloaded.

Lovely refined blender for finishing and perfecting.