The Original Fluffer – By Sharperedges

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The Original Fluffer by Sharper Edges – A specialist professional blender for special effects grooming.

Piano tooth blender (35Teeth) coupled with a fine finishing convex style edge. Short slightly offset shank with oval bows which is perfect for small to medium hands. Comfortable Inergral finger rest. Tamperproof pivot screw. Well balanced in the hand. Smooth easy action in a experienced hand. Furnished with removable soft rubber thumb insert for added comfort.

Blade length just over 3″   Actual Scissor Length Approximately 7″   Total Length including the Integral Finger Rest 7.5″

The Fluffer is a unique style of blender to be used on beautifully prepared coats, by experienced stylists with good scissor action. Perfect for softening and  taking the harshness off the final finish.

My favourite use for this one is all about softening the finish and the lines of difficult to finish coats. The effects that is created is "fluffiness" and softeness, taking the harshness off the final finish. Strictly for right handed use. Leftys are available.