Sensei SZT40 ZIP RAD Crane Handle 40T Blender W/RR (Multi Colour)


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Sensei Zip RAD 5” Crane Handle with removable rest (& Multi Coloured Pivot Screw)

Refined Finishing blender with fine convex edge, coupled with 40 fine curved V style teeth. Perfect for Barbering & Hairdressing. Great for detailed work, Competition or Show Grooming.

Crane handle (short offset shank) shaped to rest in the hand for added comfort. Adjustable pivot screw with Multi coloured Zip – Sensei logo and tension adjustment spring for longer life span. Ball bearing tension system helps to stabilize blades to improve the life of the convex edge. Supplied with anatomic finger & thumb inserts for added comfort – inserts that are removable for larger digits.

Top quality Cobalt /Molybdenum VG10 Alloy Blades Smooth effortless operation. Great feel of quality. Superb balance in the hand

Blade length 2.5 Actual Scissor length 6″ Full length detachable tang 6.75”  Presented in a sheath – Boxed protection while in transit

Discerning Dog Groomers will love this model for the finest blending, detailing & refining work on beautifully prepared fine to medium coats.

Sensei in Japan means Master so own a ‘Masterpiece’ from Sensei USA. Sensei Scissors are renowned for top quality convex shears. This Shear is a great shear Barbering & Hairdressing

For Right handed use only

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