Geib Butter Cut Crab ‘Level-11’ Blender 48T

£130.00 inc. VAT (£108.33 ex. VAT)

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Geib World presents The Geib Butter Cut Crab ‘Level 11’ Blender 48T

Amazing Blender with 48 V Style Teeth coupled with a fine edge blade. Ultra smooth with an extremely easy action, due to its special pivot point. Distinctive Crab detail adjustable pivot screw and matching plastic finger inserts.

This blender has a deep blade to deal with thicker/coarser dog coats with ease.

Blade length just over 3″ Total Scissor length including integral finger rest 8″

Cutting blade is on the top just like European Thinners!


I love this very functional, easy to use Blender. Robust and a true professionals tool, designed to be quite general purpose and for those on a mission! Mike Says: Professional Service and Sharpening required.