Geib Butter Cut Cheetah ‘Flip’ Blender 46T

£100.00 inc. VAT (£83.33 ex. VAT)

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Geib World presents Cheetah ‘Flip’ Blender. The traditional single sided blender that flips with style, and has an amazing Butter Cut feel!

Excellent quality, fabulous, silent and smooth action designed for the discerning groomer. This latest model has a twist on the original as this one flips and has double gilt screw in finger rest. Matching distinctive gilt pivot screw. Red comfort finger and thumb inserts included.

46 ‘V’ Style Teeth coupled with fine convex edge for an amazing finish. You choose whether you want to work with the teeth on top – or the blade on top, to give different effects and results. Just ‘flip’ it in your hand!

Blade length around 2.75″ – Total length inclusive of finger rest just over 7″



My Dad always loved selling this one, it was his favourite! This is an all time Geib Classic - but now even better as it is flippable! Mike Says: Professional servicing and sharpening essential for long term satisfaction.