Geib Butter Cut Avanti Comfort + Blender 47T

£100.00 inc. VAT (£83.33 ex. VAT)

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Geib Butter Cut Avanti Comfort + Blender 47T

This ergonomically shaped blender has been designed for comfort, in a special stainless steel with 47 curve V teeth coupled with a convex edge. The beautifully shaped offset shank with integral finger rest sits in the hand comfortably, distinctively coated in brown with yellow comfort inserts which can be removed. Matching sprung tension adjustment screw adds to the earthy detail on this very practical professional blender. You can feel the quality as it comes with superb balance and a little more metal than many expect to see in such a Scissor. This is because the stability comes from the swedge design on the blades giving you the added weight to make this a more durable blender at a fabulous price.

Smooth easy action assisted by ceramic rides.

Blade length just over 3″   Actual Scissor length nearly 7″   Total Scissor length nearly 7.75″

Its new and I am loving this one. Fabulous price for such quality with added durability for real professionals.