Ehaso Scissor Set (4 pcs)

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4 Piece Ehaso Heavy Duty Starter Kit – Put together by us here at the Scissor Boutique.

Kit Contains:

1 x Ehaso 13183 – Long straight scissor with micro serration on the blade – For scissoring legs/skirts/flag tails etc.

1 x Ehaso 13174 – Flippable Curve scissor with micro serration on the blade – Ideal for heads, around feet, and anywhere you need a nice round shape or angulation.

1 x Ehaso 17161 – Heavy Duty 46T Single Sided Thinner – For thinning out bulk. This one loves thick coats!

1 x Ehaso 13513 – Small Detailing Scissor with micro serration on the blade, for precision work on small areas (Feet/tips of ears/Whiskers/Eyebrows etc)

Presented in a Scissor Boutique Scissor Set Case

All of these scissors are produced in Solingen – the European Scissor capital by traditional craftsmen. Made from Carbon Steel to have a long life span and be real durable, workhorse tools

This Scissor Kit has been carefully chosen for durability to withstand the learning curve of a student, leading them into the profession with something that will not fail them. Not only has this kit been chosen for the durability and reliability it has been chosen to suit a students budget. It is beautifully presented to ensure any student will take pride in owning such a kit. All importantly it comes with care instructions, so the student understands that Scissors must be cared for. This kit will have been double checked and prepared in our workshop, tension adjust set to correct level, all oiled and ready to use. This gives any student a great start into the world of professional dog grooming.

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