Geib Butter Cut Katana Ball Bearing Adjustable 7.5″ Curve (Original Model)

£200.00 inc. VAT (£166.67 ex. VAT)

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Geib Butter Cut Katana 7.5″ – The Original with a Curve Blade.

Renowned worldwide for performance, durability, and reliability. A true quality scissor. Comfortable and well balanced with a short shank and fixed integral finger rest for added comfort. Complete with an adjustable pivot screw for easy, positive action.

First-class quality material with a durable edge designed to cut through thick coats with ease and determination, giving a great finish day after day. Ideal for professional groomers of distinction with a need for excellence and performance.

The length of the blade is approximately 3.5″    and the total length of the scissor (including the integral finger rest) is 7.5″

This model is handmade and it has a look that denotes an individual hand-crafted tool by a traditional craftsman. The look of “raw silk” as it is marked and each one will have identifying marks that may not be pleasing to the eye. However, this does not impair the working ability of this fabulous Scissor.



I absolutely love this model. Its very limited in its production so is extremely rare to get hold of. If you are looking for a superior quality scissor which can carve shape and finish then look no further!