Geib Butter Cut Crystal Gold 7.5″ Curve

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Geib Buttercut Crystal Gold – 7.5″ Curve

NEW Latest edition to Geib Butter Cut Shears. This attractive Rose Gold curved finisher is so eye catching! Furnished with adjustable feature multi faceted Crystal screw and clear slim comfort inserts. Very curvaceous, fine Convex edge finishing Scissor designed for the final finish. Perfect for Competition & Show work or ‘special’ dogs that come into the salon on a regular basis. Smooth easy action if operated by skilled experienced professional. Good for fine finishing on fine to medium coats that have been perfectly prepared.

Blade length 3.25″ Actual scissor length 7″ Total scissor length including integral tang 7.5″

Ergonomically designed for comfort, beautifully balanced in the average sized hand. Perfect for the highly skilled with meticulous coat preparation. A lovely Curved Scissor for the discerning hobby / show groomer with Poodles and Bichon Frise etc.

Great quality and highly attractive eye catching Scissor with great attention to detail . Love the angle of curve, excellent for Asian work in Competitions or showing off good angulation on Show grooms and it is capable of an excellent fine finishing in skilled hands. Scissor great for fine to medium density wool and drop coats that have been prepared to a high standard.