TSB ‘The Teddy’ 65C Flip Curve – Champagne


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THE TEDDY by TSB – In Champagne

Special purpose Scissor designed for finishing HEADS. Perfect for “The Chrysanthemum” effect! So many stylist struggle with the perfect head. Over the years we have had many curved Scissors that have aided getting the perfect ‘Circle’. BUT The Teddy is a cost effective Flip Finishing Scissors with a lovely Curve blade designed for this purpose.

Hand crafted in Japanese Steel with a nice stable tip. Fine edge – semi convex blade for that fabulous finish. Tamper proof pivot screw.

Blade length 3″    Total length of Scissor including the removable tang 7″   (Actual Scissor length without the tang 6.75″)

Super light in weight and excellent quality for fine finishing work. Easy to for stylists to use, due to the ergonomic shape and the perfect balance to this light weight Curve Scissor. Short shapely shank that fits the hand – beautifully colored for that added bit of glam – coated in stylish champagne. Double tang for great flip-ability allowing you to do one side of the head and then the other with a simple flip in the hand! A real stylists pleasure tool!

Love this little styling tool its so light and beautifully balanced. Marketed from Asia as perfect for the 'Asian Styling' trend that is so popular at this time. Mike Says: Great value, excellent quality. Must be sharpened and serviced by an experienced professional otherwise life span will be shortened. Please Note: This Scissor is NOT designed for use on feet or for removing thickness or bulk it is for the FINAL FINE FINISH on the style only!